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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lean Body Mass Index

Instead of chasing the seemingly all-important weight number, we should instead look at a different one. Similar to the BMI, this number helps us to know if we have a good portion of our body as lean mass.

Lean body mass is everything but the fat in your body. Using the following formula, we can figure out our Lean Body Mass Index:

{Weight - [Weight x Body Fat % / 100]} / {[(height in inches)(height in inches)]} x 703

Ok, I know that looks massively complicated, but it really isn't. :)

Start with your weight: 150
Total Body Fat % : 24.3

Now, multiply those two numbers together and divide the answer by 100: 36.45

Find your Lean Body Mass by subtracting that answer from your weight: 113.55

Take your Lean Body Mass and divide by your height in inches times itself: .0277
(Let's say you're 5'4", which is 64". 64 x 64 = 4096)
(113.55 divided by 4096 = .0277)

Finally, multiply that answer by 703: 19.47

And there you have it-- your Lean Body Mass Index!

The higher your number, the more fit you are. Men should aim for a LBMI of 19 or more, and women 17 or more. Anything below that, you are carrying around too much body fat and not enough muscle.

Calculate your Lean Body Mass Index. How do you measure up?